Protection From Abuse

If you are in an abusive relationship and are looking for a legal solution, either as a part of divorce, child custody, or as a separate issue – you may want to consider a Petition for Protection From Abuse. Filing a petition could provide immediate relief from your situation, and our firm can help you understand the entire process.

Delaware Abuse Protection Lawyer

Attorney Marie I. Crossley has been helping clients in family law for some time now, and during her career she has met a number of people suffering the ravages of domestic abuse. Under the law, abuse can be defined not only as physical harm, but also as the threat of harm or general distress. Abuse can apply to a spouse, a girlfriend/boyfriend and to children in the household. Fortunately, there is a legal way to get relief from such abuse.

Filing a Petition for Protection From Abuse can halt all contact with the abuser immediately. Working with our firm, you can potentially remove you and your children from the abusive situation the same day you file the petition.

If you or your children are in an abusive situation, our firm can help you plan the best way to remove your family from it. Filing a petition is part of the process, but so is planning for how you will go about your day-to-day life after the petition. We can go through the process of planning, filing a petition and filing for divorce if necessary.

It is important to remember that an Order for Protection from Abuse is not a divorce. It only works to halt the abusive situation. However, if you want to pursue a divorce, our firm can help with that as well.

If you are considering filing a petition, please contact our firm immediately. We can help you map out a plan of action and begin acting on that plan right away. No one should ever have to live with abuse.