While most divorcing and separating couples face some level of difficulty dividing their assets and debts or determining a custody and visitation schedule, there are a large number of people who can work together to resolve their matters without the need to involve the Delaware Family Court.  Mediation is an excellent alternative to the traditional process of litigation.  Mediation has many benefits, including lower costs, less emotional conflict, a much shorter wait for resolution and the ability to have control over the outcome.

Unlike traditional divorce, custody and support cases, Mediation allows the parties to meet together with one person to work through their issues.  Mediation focuses on achieving a resolution that both parties can support, regardless of whether the result is equivalent to what they each would receive if the case was decided by the Delaware Family Court.  An added benefit to Mediation is that the parties can pick and choose the specific issues they want to Mediate and can leave other issues for the traditional Court process.

Both parties meet with Marie Crossley at the initial consultation to discuss their case and to develop a plan going forward.  If you are interested in Mediation, please call today.