Divorce & Separation

Ending a marriage is never easy, as anyone who has gone through the process will tell you. Whether you have been married 20 years or six months, whether your divorce goes through seamlessly or drags on through battle after battle – divorce is a life-changing experience and an emotional roller coaster.

Delaware Divorce & Separation Lawyer

Marie recognizes that each Family Law case is unique and the individual set of facts require focused personal attention.  She serves a wide variety of clientele with a variety of family law needs in the State of Delaware.  She covers all aspects of Family Law, from pre-nuptial agreements to litigating or negotiating Divorce and Property Division settlements after lengthy marriages. She possesses the personal and professional skills necessary to help clients navigate the financial and often emotional issues that arise in these cases. Additionally, Marie handles Mediation and alternative dispute resolution where parties can mediate their conflict, often at a much lower cost in terms of dollars and emotional stress.

Marie  routinely handles  a range of cases from single-earner families to  marriages that involve  substantial real estate holdings, private businesses, corporations, and professional practices.  She frequently handles difficult and emotional custody and visitation disputes, which can include issues regarding abuse, substance abuse, relocation of children and difficulties with legal decision-making.  She prides herself on the personal attention provided to each client in this sensitive practice area. Marie is backed by an experienced and friendly team of paralegals and secretaries and an entire Family Law Group at MacElree Harvey, Ltd.  Her goal is to provide to her clients the best personal professional service available while keeping in mind each individual’s economic situation.

If you are considering a divorce or separation, please contact Marie I. Crossley today. The sooner you begin working out the details, the better your position will be once the process begins.