Child Custody & Support


Establishing legal and physical custody arrangements and creating a Parenting Plan are some of the most emotionally wrenching — and most important — decisions that a parent is ever called upon to make. Our office supports and guides you throughout this process, establishing a clear legal pathway that protects your rights and supports the future wellbeing of your children. We handle all aspects of custody and visitation cases, including same-sex parents, third party visitation, and grandparent visitation. We are also experienced with enforcement procedures and the various types of Contempt actions.

Child Support

Determining the right amount of child support is a sensitive issue, and it’s crucial to gather all relevant evidence in order to ensure the best outcome. Marie Crossley has the ability to approach the issue in a proactive way, helping you to develop a clear outline of your child’s needs in the context of the visitation schedule and the available resources of both parents. We make sure you fully understand all your rights under the laws of Delaware, and we energetically assert those rights so that you can build a positive future.

Attorney Marie I. Crossley represents clients on either side of child support actions, and she handles new petitions, modification requests and enforcement of child support orders. She also works with collecting past due child support and medical support.

Delaware Child Support Lawyer Marie Crossley Can Help You

No matter what type of custody or child support problem you need help with, our office will apply focused, compassionate representation to making sure you and your children experience the best possible outcome. Marie Crossley tailors her approach to each client’s individual needs and situation. When the level of conflict between the parties is low, she works collaboratively with the other side to achieve a fair and peaceful resolution. In higher conflict situations, she works with determination and commitment to bring in outside experts and prepare a powerful case for litigation.

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